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Medicine Care and Review

The pharmacists at the Toll Pharmacy are experts in the management of long-term conditions.

If you suffer from for example asthma, diabetes or high blood pressure ask for a private consultation. The pharmacist will take all the time you need to explain the need for your medication and how best to take it.

All patients with long-term conditions are encouraged to register with our pharmacy under the new Medicines: Care and Review (M:CR). This exciting new service will improve communication between your GP and our pharmacy by linking our computer systems. It will also allow your GP to prescribe a prescription that will last for six months or maybe even a year. This will eliminate the need to contact your GP when your condition is stable.

The Toll Pharmacy will contact you when your prescription is ready to discuss how you are getting on and help you directly if you have any concerns.

Just ask any member of staff for more information regarding this service.

For more information regarding the Medicine Care and Review please click here.