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Flu vaccine

Winter Flu Vaccine Service

Proactively protect yourself, your family and your colleagues with the seasonal flu vaccine from the Toll Pharmacy.

Flu vaccinations are available from the Toll Pharmacy from Autumn to early Spring. The best time to have the vaccine is the beginning of Autumn from October to early November to give the best protection.

The flu vaccine is a seasonal vaccine that requires injecting annually for protection against the virus, as the virus can change from year to year.

For more information regarding the Flu please click here.

Free NHS Flu Service

Patients who are eligible to receive the Flu Vaccine from their GP are now able to get the vaccine free from the Toll Pharmacy. This service is available from the 14th of September and while stocks last.

Please note we will require your eligibility letter from the NHS/GP before we are able to provide the service.

Private Flu Service

We also offer a private flu vaccine service for patients who are not eligible for the Free NHS Flu Vaccine. There is a cost occurred with this and can change each season depending on availability.

Benefits of this service:

  • Short time: The consultation and injection will take around 15 minutes to administer, if suitable.
  • Flexibility: There is no requirement to book an appointment prior to arriving.
  • Comprehensive: All our Pharmacists have years of experience in giving the Influenza Vaccines and can give advice on how to prevent the spread of influenza.

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