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Tobacco-free Generation

Posted in General on Thursday, 05 April 2018
Tobacco-free Generation

Toll Pharmacy is proud to be the first pharmacy to sign up to Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation.

We’ve always been committed to helping people to stop smoking and we’ve taken this commitment one step further and pledged our support to help deliver a Tobacco-free Generation of Scots by 2034. (by ‘tobacco-free’ we mean an adult smoking rate of 5% or less). We’re joining around eighty other organisations across Scotland who share this ambitious goal.

The Charter has six key principles based around protecting children from second-hand smoke, preventing young people from taking up smoking and supporting people to quit.

To help achieve the tobacco-free goal we’ve pledged to:

  • Ask each and every customer their smoking status during our clinic consultations
  • Organise in-store activities to help raise awareness of our smoking cessation services
  • Train every member of our staff to be able to support our customers to quit smoking

There are many different methods available to make your stop-smoking journey easier. Just pop into the pharmacy any time for a chat (or fill out this form) and we can develop a plan specific to your individual needs.

The Fresh Air-shire Smoking Cessation and Prevention team work closely with Toll Pharmacy and hold a clinic in the pharmacy every Tuesday from 8.45am until 5.30pm. This clinic was initially set up as a Varenicline pilot site however its success has meant it has become a regular feature within the pharmacy. Appointments can be made in person at the pharmacy or by contacting the Fresh Air-shire helpline on 0800 783 9132.

If we all work together on this, the children who are just going into nursery school now can be the first generation to grow up free from the harm caused by tobacco.

For more information on Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation visit


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